pinta fenband a 

The tape for exterior sealing


Product information

Window installation outdoors according to EnEV:

The pinta fenband a is used for the water vapour permeable bridging of the joint between window, door and brickwork outdoors. It is also suitable for paint and insulating plaster work.

The good elasticity of this sealing tape specifically embraces any movement of the building structure.


Areas of application

  •  Window and door sealing for the exterior


Colour / Delivery Form

  • white

  • on rolls

  • available in 4 adhesive varieties:

- with one-sided full-surface adhesive
- with self-adhesive strip (single or double-sided)
- with one-sided full-surface adhesive and self-adhesive strip on opposite side
- fixation by pinta fenband Kleber/glue



  • UV-stabilized

  • Alkali-resistant

  • easily plastered over


Product advantages

  • specifically embraces any movement of the building structure

  • Water vapour permeable



The sealing tape is attached to the window frame with the self-adhesive strip. Depending on the design, this is done before or after installing the window. The joint is filled up subsequently with PU-foam. After the hardening of the foam, the tape is attached extensively and without cavities onto the structure with pinta fenband Kleber / glue.

The butt joints of the tape are sealed with pinta fenband Kleber/ glue or butyl self-adhesive strips. The pinta fenband a can now be plastered over.


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