pinta fenband Kleber / glue

The extremely adhesive


Product information

The pinta fenband Kleber / glue is a moisture curing, extremely adhesive one-component industry adhesive and sealant on the basis of a silane polyether prepolymer.


Areas of application

pinta fenband Kleber / glue is used to combine pinta fenband i and a on surfaces and with each other. Furthermore, the pinta fenband Kleber / glue is suitable for the sealing of joints on facades, panels and parapets, elastic and butt joints in prefab concrete construction, as well as connecting joints in window and door frames. 

Being absolutely silicone-free, this product can be utilized in the section of varnish and powder coating. In addition, the pinta fenband Kleber / glue is suitable for the sealing of tension stressed joint in building construction according to DIN 18540 F.


Colour / Delivery Form

  • white (other colours on request)

  • Packaging: 20 tubes à 600 ml per carton


Product advantages

  • adheres extremely well on standard constructional material e.g. glass, glazed surfaces, anodized aluminium, enamel, porcelain, epoxy, polyester, rigid PVC, stainless steel or varnished wood

  • permanently elastic



  • we provide a suitable caulking gun


Safety instructions

All necessary measures for accident prevention and health protection, found on the safety data sheet and label, need to be observed. An EC safety data sheet is available.


Cleaning instructions

Wash with water and soap immediately upon skin-contact. Fresh glue residue can be removed with a cleaning cloth. Hardened glue can only be removed mechanically.



Stone, concrete, plaster, wood, plasterboard and metal are suitable as sub-surfaces. The sub-surface needs to be stable and free of dust and grease. Adheres even to moist sub-surfaces. It is advisable to first apply an etching primer to all surfaces. pinta fenband Kleber / glue is applied using a manual or air gun. The pinta fenband i and a are subsequently pressed down with a spatula or smoothing trowel, thereby spreading the pinta fenband Kleber / glue underneath the tapes.

Butt bondings, especially in the corners of windows, are stuck together thoroughly with pinta fenband Kleber / glue. pinta fenband Kleber / glue is paint compatible, but due to the immense diversity in paints and varnishes, we recommend a compatibility test first. Do not paint with alkyd resin varnish. The material can yellow in the dark.


Restrictions on use

pinta fenband Kleber / glue is unsuitable under water joints in swimming pools and aquaria. Not suitable for sealing and gluing of natural stone (migratory staining). Unsuitable for application with PP, PE, teflon, bitumen and expansion joints.


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