Corner sealing on window sills »pinta AluPad«

To seal window sills and window frames



The pinta AluPad is a one-sided self-adhesive and non-shrinking butyl. It is covered intractably by a tear-resistant aluminium foil and therefore ideally suited for the covered sealing of construction and connection joints in the industrial and construction sector.

The pinta AluPad is used to seal window sills and window frames.


Areas of application

Industrial and construction sector, e.g. construction of silos, ventilation systems, sawtooth roofs, hall construction, roof glazing, conservatries, roof hatches and sky domes, solar systems, attic sealing, automotive construction, caravans.


Colour / Delivery Forms

  • silver

  • 100 pieces pinta AluPads on a roll

  • AluPad Ø = 55 mm



  • smooth foil surface

  • solvent and bitumen free

  • age resistant, weatherproof, UV resistant


Product advantages

  • easy handling

  • non-corrosive

  • without bi-metal effect

  • immediately functional


Storage information

Store rolls in original packaging horizontally, dry and dust-proof at approximately 20°C. Virtually unlimited storage time.



The holding surface needs to be dry, stable, dust- and solvent free. Porous surfaces such as concrete, plaster etc. should first be treated with a suitable adhesive primer. It is advisable to use a pressure roller. Creases and kinks are to be avoided or straightened out carefully.


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