pintaband 3complete Renova

Ideal for uneven surfaces in stone work

Dichtungsband zur Fensterabdichtung Pintaband 3completeRenova, schwarz, vorkomprimiert auf Rolle

How to use pintaband 3complete Renova


Product information

The pintaband 3complete Renova is a specially impregnated pre-compressed multifunctional tape for all sectors of the window connection joint. It is utilized for wind and driving rain resistant sealing, as well as heat insulation and sound absorption. 

The design of the sealing tape enables the evening out of uneven surfaces in stonework. This solution is applied especially in the restoration of old buildings.


Areas of application

  • Window construction

  • Façade engineering

  • Wood and metal construction


Colour / Delivery Form

  • black (the inner surface is marked accordingly) 

  • pre-compressed on rolls (see chart with tape sizes and lengths)



  • heat insulating and sound absorbing (59dB)

  • Exterior/weather side: wind/driving rain resistant ≥ 600 Pa

  • open to vapour diffusion according to DIN 18542

  • Reaction to fire according to DIN 4102-1 B1, ABP-No. P-NDS04-1085

  • Compatibility with adjoining building materials tested according to DIN 18542

  • consistent quality guaranteed through regular third-partyand self-monitoring

Product Advantages*

  • delayed resetting – enabling ideal handling 

  • time- and cost saving – total sealing effect in one step using only one product

  • Storage time: 1 year, dry and original packaging at < 20°C


 * The properties are partially dependent on the amount of pressure applied. See separate handling and installation instructions.

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